Two New Clips And Featurette From 22 Jump Street Find The Team Back Together

22 jump street

22 jump street

In just two short weeks, Jenko and Schmidt will reteam for 22 Jump Street, which is in all likelhood the movie most entitled to call itself “the comedy of the summer.” After all, 21 Jump Street was a smash hit back in 2012, and this follow-up finds Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube back on board, alongside returning directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. This time around, undercover cops Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill) infiltrate a college to find the supplier of a dangerous new drug that’s growing in popularity on campus.

Two new clips and a featurette have hit the web today, containing some brief footage from 22 Jump Street and a more in-depth look at the making of the film.

The first clip finds Jenko and Schmidt being briefed on their new mission by frustrated Captain Dickson (Cube). The new drug is called Whyphy (pronounced like wi-fi, and standing for Work Hard, Yes, Play Hard, Yes.), and is described as “Adderall mixed with Ecstasy mixed with god knows what else.” Dickson hands the pair their old identities and set them on the right path with a familiar assignment: “Infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier.”

The next clip is an extension of a scene we’ve seen in the trailers, in which a disguised Schmidt attempts to bluster his way into a drug deal by posing as a gangster. “I suck at improvising,” complains Jenko. Just how true that claim is, not even Schmidt could have predicted:

Finally, the featurette, which runs nearly two minutes, focuses on the friendship on display in the film, not only between Jenko and Schmidt but also between Tatum and Hill. “Channing literally knows no boundaries about what he can do to me,” Hill admits with a laugh. Soon, the featurette returns to the same scene in the clip above, but it does provide glimpses of a chase sequence and a scene apparently set after the pair’s ill-fated attempts at improvising, in which they attempt to climb on top of a moving truck. It’s a funny, albeit brief watch.

22 Jump Street opens on June 13th.

Source: The Playlist