Exclusive Video Interview With Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall And John Crowley On Closed Circuit

Eric Bana Interview

It’s always exciting when talented actors and actresses can come together for a film that deals with modern day issues, but in a way that’s entirely believable and grounded. When movies attempt to “Hollywood-ize” issues like terrorism and crime, the result tends to be less acceptable and unjustly overblown – even if the entertainment factor is through the roof. A film like John Crowley’s Closed Circuit is absolutely not one of those indulgent and ridiculous attempts that loses sight of the actual issue it’s facing. Instead, it keeps the characters realistic and the content relatable.

Following two British lawyers who also coincidentally had an affair a few years back, Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall get involved in a case that’s much more than meets the eye, as the danger increases with each new discovery. Our two “heroes” are faced with a choice: do they continue to press on and risk their lives to expose a much larger conspiracy? Or do they back down, accepting defeat and dirty politics?

While Rebecca, Eric, and John were in New York City to promote their newest suspense thriller, I was able to sit down and talk exclusively about Closed Circuit with the stars and director. Check out the video below to hear Eric discuss how important it was for his character Martin not to become some secret agent type of cliche, what drew John to Steven Knight’s script, and what Rebecca Hall thinks about a man in uniform – even if that uniform is a white wig and a big, baggy robe.

Enjoy the video interview!

I’d like to thank all the talent for participating in these press day activities. Be sure to check out Closed Circuit when it’s released on August 28th!