Cloud Atlas Under-Performs On Its Opening Weekend

Oh, no. Even though everybody said that it would, and even though everybody knew that it would, there was still a small chance that Cloud Atlas, which looks (in trailers, at least) to be seventeen stories squashed into one movie, might do well at the box office this previous weekend. Well, unfortunately, it opened with just $9.4 million, putting it in third place.

Yes, the box office unleashed a harsh dose of reality upon the movie and its producers, basically slapping them in the face one by one and shouting very loudly that people just don’t get why they should go outside and see it. Especially since it appears to be oh so very confusing, and features Tom Hanks made up to look like an Asian man, which audiences apparently don’t find appealing and/or very normal at all.

Well, for those of you who thought about going to see Cloud Atlas but ultimately didn’t, congratulations: Hollywood aren’t going to go for ambitious projects like this ever again if this movie doesn’t make its money back. Which, given that you didn’t go and see it, probably doesn’t make you feel all that bad.

On with the sequels, remakes and prequels, then.

And it’s only six stories in one film, people! C’mon!

Source: The A.V. Club