Cobra Kai Star Wants To Be The Robin To Robert Pattinson’s Batman

The Batman

We haven’t seen the Boy Wonder on the big screen since Joel Schumacher’s dismal Batman & Robin almost a quarter of a century ago, but the Caped Crusader’s loyal, faithful and dedicated sidekick has been teased on a couple of occasions in the interim.

The epilogue to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises that revealed John Blake’s birth name as Robin proved to be divisive, before the trilogy-closing chapter ended on a tease of him discovering the Batcave that Zack Snyder was planning to pay off during early development on his version of the DCEU.

Speaking of Snyder, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed a Robin costume defaced by Jared Leto’s Joker, something that was set to be explored in the filmmaker’s Justice League sequels, which don’t look like they’ll be happening.

Robert Pattinson’s reboot arrives in just a few months, and while there’s no word on if we can expect Robin to factor into Matt Reeves’ mythology at any point, Cobra Kai star Tanner Buchanan threw his hat into the ring during an interview with the Just for Variety podcast.

“Ever since I found out Robert Pattinson was playing Batman, he’s one of my favorite actors, I was like I need to play his Robin. That is my role. I need that one so badly. I don’t know if he’s going to have a Robin. But I’m going to start convincing him that I need to do it. Obviously, it helps I already have the fight training. He’s always been one of my favorites because I grew up watching and reading the Teen Titans, the cartoon and everything. Even when I was little I always wanted to be Robin. I wanted to be Robin. So hey, if Robert Pattinson needs a Robin, I’m going to fight for that one. I’m going to go for that one. That one’s going to be my role.”

Including The Batman, Bruce Wayne will have appeared in six live-action blockbusters since we last saw Robin, so maybe he’s due for a comeback. It’s entirely up to Reeves and Warner Bros. in the long run, though, but the star of a Netflix smash hit is waiting by the phone just in case.