The Coen Brothers Next Film Set In The 60’s New York Folk Scene, T. Bone Burnett Working On The Music?

2011 will be the first year in four years that we won’t get a Coen Brothers film. 2007 had No Country for Old Men, 2008 had Burn After Reading, 2009 had A Serious Man and last year we had True Grit. However, they are still working and there has been much discussion around their next project. The film, which they hope to get in production sometime next year, will be a musical project, with they revealed in a Q&A with Noah Baumbach. They also mentioned that the music would, “be performed live, with single instrument”.

After doing some digging, 24 Frames has revealed that the film will be set in the 60’s with a backdrop of the New York folk music scene, based around the life of musician Dave van Ronk. His music scene and the kind of talent he brewed were along the lines of artists like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

Considering this is a project based around music and the performance of songs, it is no surprise that they may again be collaborating with T Bone Burnett, the legendary producer who put together the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? That film contained a compilation of country/western music that then went on to be a massive success and the best selling soundtrack of the decade.

In a quite awkward Q&A they did about a month ago in Israel, the brothers hinted at working with Burnett on the music for their upcoming film, Joel says this about 80 minutes in when asked a question about the use of music:

The other category are the movies we do with T Bone Burnett, and the movie we’re doing next will be in the same kind of movie in terms of music, musically driven with all source music. That’s a different thing [to music with Carter Burwell]

They said during the Baumbach interview that the film would be very similar to his film Margot at the Wedding and again they will be working with Roger Deakins, the cinematographer, who hints that they may this time shoot digitally.

We’ll bring you more news on the project as we get it.

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