Is Colin Farrell Being Eyed To Play John Constantine In Justice League Dark?



According to Latino Review, Colin Farrell is being eyed to play John Constantine in the upcoming Justice League Dark film. While still in the very early stages of development, Warner Bros. is looking to push ahead with the adaptation sooner rather than later, and Scott Rudin and Guillermo del Toro are currently on board to produce.

Things have been quiet on the project for a while now, but reports are starting to fly in that tell us the studio has their eye on the Irish actor for the role of Constantine. Apparently, Ewan McGregor is also in consideration for the part, but Farrell is said to be the frontrunner.


There’s also the possibility of McGregor coming on board for another role, that of Jason Blood, and Monic Bellucci is said to be eyeing the part of Madame Xandau. But again, like the Farrell/Constantine news, it’s best to file this all strictly under the rumor category for now, as nothing has been confirmed just yet by Warner Bros.

Regardless, it looks like development on Justice League Dark is certainly heating up, and though it would have been nice to see Matt Ryan given the chance to reprise his role as Constantine in the film, trying to grab a big star like Farrell does make sense.

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