Colin Farrell Joins Solace

The serial killer genre is having a bit of a tough time in Hollywood. On television it seems to be doing alright but on the big screen, it’s a rare occurrence that we get a truly great serial killer film. Nothing in the past decade, at least, has lived up to films like Se7en or The Silence of the Lambs and recent offerings like Alex Cross have failed to turn out as anything more than just alright. Today though, we’re receiving news on a new contender that hopes to bring something worthwhile to the genre: Solace.

Having been in production for over a decade, with Anthony Hopkins already attached, Solace has now added Colin Farrell to its cast. The project, which was once set to be a sequel to the aforementioned Se7en, has had extensive work done on its script over the years. Ted Griffin and Sean Bailey penned the original spec script but writers like Peter Morgan and James Vanderbilt have both done work on the most recent draft. Set to direct is Afonso Poyart, who is best known for his film Two Rabbits, a Brazilian action movie.

For those who haven’t been following the development, Solace revolves around “an FBI agent (Farrell) who enlists he help of a retired doctor (Hopkins) to track down a killer who was seemingly psychic.” It doesn’t sound too exciting and seems like it will be pretty run of the mill but who knows? This one could turn out to be a surprise. Of course, Farrell and Hopkins are both pretty great actors (when they want to be) but at the same time, they have both made their fair share of stinkers, so it’s hard to tell how this one will turn out. I think we’re going to need a trailer before we can make a fair judgement.

What do you think of Solace, and of Colin Farrell signing on to star? Does the project sound appealing? Let us know in the comments below.