Colin Farrell says ‘The Batman’ is a unique take on a familiar story

Colin Farrell Penguin
Image via Marvel Studios

The longer time goes on, the more difficult it’s going to get for filmmakers to put a fresh spin on the Batman mythology, especially when audiences have long since grown weary of seeing Thomas and Martha Wayne gunned down in Gotham City, which even factored into the plot of Joker, despite the absence of the Dark Knight himself.

Based on everything we’ve seen and heard so far, though, Matt Reeves’ The Batman is set to slap a coat of paint on the Caped Crusader that’s about as fresh as it gets.

Sure, we’ve seen Bruce Wayne’s costumed alter ego team up with Jim Gordon to battle Catwoman, the Riddler and the Penguin in various combinations on countless occasions across multiple forms of media, but the hotly-anticipated DC blockbuster is setting out a completely unique stall.

The roguishly handsome Colin Farrell went all-in to bring Oswald Cobblepot to life, spending hours in the makeup chair in order to completely disappear into the role. Speaking to Variety, the actor revealed the team eventually whittled down the process significantly, before teasing that we’re getting a story we’ve never seen told before.

“Eventually they got it down to two. Matt Reeves is a wonderful filmmaker, so I was just grateful to be allowed anywhere near it. Hopefully people are entertained by it and moved by it. It’s a very unique take on a story that’s often been told.”

At almost three hours in length, story definitely isn’t going to be a problem for The Batman when there’s clearly a lot of it to go around, the only real question is whether or not the finished product can live up to the sky-high expectations that now surround it.

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