Colin Farrell Would Be Down For A Total Recall Sequel

It might be a little premature to assume that Sony’s remake of Total Recall will be a box-office hit, especially as it lands just two weeks after The Dark Knight Rises, but the sci-fi action film starring Colin Farrell has been building some buzz with its visually dazzling action-packed trailers. As such, you can’t exactly scold Total Film for asking the star whether he would come back for a follow-up.

Here’s what Farrell had to say about the possibility:

“If there was scope for it then sure I would. I had such a blast working with Kate [Beckinsale], Jess [Biel] and on the character and in this world. I’d be mad not to do it.

“Then I’d go off and do something small. I don’t want to limit myself to any one particular genre, or any one particular time of film that’s merit is judged on the size of its budget.”

The film’s producers have previously said that they hope to make a sequel, though it sounds like the story doesn’t exactly lead into one (the 1990 original didn’t either). As for Farrell, his track record has never been consistent in terms of genre, which is admirable, so a sequel would need to be developed quickly or at least give him enough time in between to change things up.

Total Recall arrives on August 3rd, 2012.