Colin Firth And Emma Stone Get Close In New Magic In The Moonlight Images

magic in the moonlight emma stone colin firth 2

Putting feelings about Woody Allen as a person aside, we have to admit that the man works hard and makes movies pretty consistently. No sooner does he have one film in the can than he turns around and starts making the next one; what’s more, many of those films are pretty exceptional works of art and entertainment.

Allen’s already at work on his next next film, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone. But the next outing from the director that the public will see will be Magic in the Moonlight, starring Stone and Allen-newcomer Colin Firth. Today, we have a new batch of images from the film to whet your appetite, and you can check them out below.

Firth plays Stanley, an English magician and illusionist, trying to debunk a famed spiritualist (Stone), but soon finds himself falling in love with her. Unlike the far more serious-minded Blue JasmineMagic in the Moonlight seems like it will fall into the frothy category. The latest batch of images from the film back that idea up, with Firth and Stone getting cosy in the style of the 1920s, dancing in the moonlight, and wandering about sun-dappled gardens in period costume. It all looks very charming and stylized and will hopefully bear that typical Allen stamp of nostalgia with depth.

Despite some personal accusations surfacing once more this year, Woody Allen’s latest films have been almost uniformly excellent – which is pretty remarkable for a guy who releases one film a year. Blue Jasmine was serious Allen, and now we will hopefully have some light, cheering Allen with this latest release.

Magic in the Moonlight will soon start screening for critics, so we should begin to hear some proper reactions any day now. The film will have its wide release on July 26.

You can check out all of the images below, along with a new international poster.

Source: The Playlist