Is Colin Trevorrow Being Considered To Direct Star Wars: Episode VII?

Ever since that bearded billionaire went ahead and sold his company to Disney for $4.05 billion, the internet has been flooded with stories speculating wildly on who exactly might get to take the reigns for a new trilogy of Star Wars flicks in 2015. Well, there’s already been reports that Matthew Vaughn is the man for the job, but you can’t trust anything that these internet websites say, can you? Except this one, of course. Probably.

So take it with a pinch of salt when we report that Colin Trevorrow is… well, firstly, he’s a man you’ve never heard of, right? Cool name, though. Anyway, the Safety Not Guaranteed director apparently impressed the nerds over at LucasFilm with his film and was invited over to talk Star Wars and directing gigs. This meeting reportedly occurred a few months back before the whole “Argh! We’re being bought by Disney!” thing sent the LucasFilm employees into fits of confused rage. Or maybe they were happy to get out of George’s clutches. Whatever you prefer, imagine that.

So, what do you make of Colin Trevorrow as a potential candiate for Star Wars: Episode VII? Is he a better choice than Matthew Vaughn? Who is he again, you ask? We told you, we don’t know.

Source: CelebBuzz!

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