Colin Trevorrow Teases Scale And Scope Of Star Wars: Episode IX


When it comes time for Colin Trevorrow to take the reins of Star Wars: Episode IX, Disney’s new-fangled space opera will in all likelihood be an established presence in the cinema landscape, with the House of Mouse planning to alternate between a mainline installment and an Anthology film over the next half-decade or so.

It’s a prospect that really sets Trevorrow’s creative gears in motion. The concept of cinematic universes have been trumpeted across the movie industry almost to the point of saturation, but for the Jurassic World helmer, Star Wars is the bona fide cinematic universe, and in an interview with Jurassic Cast, the filmmaker revealed a little more about the size and scope of the overarching plan.


Arriving on the heels of his comments in relation to Jurassic World 2 – a sequel he describes as a “different kind of film” to its genetically-modified predecessor – here’s what Trevorrow had to share about his early vision.

“I obviously can’t talk too much about Star Wars, but the idea of that ‘Universe,’ that word gets thrown around a lot as far as movies are concerned and what people are building, that one’s an actual universe. I think that the size and scope of that. Every kind of story we can think of can be told in the Star Wars universe, because it is endless and boundless.”

It’s by no means a concrete plot summation of the events of Star Wars: Episode IX, but it’s one to stoke the embers of excitement. Disney evidently has appropriately massive plans for Lucafilm’s retooled and rebooted universe, and it could well be that the galactic saga will continue on beyond Trevorrow’s sequel, given the correct circumstances.

At the time of writing, Disney has pegged Star Wars: Episode IX for a release at some point in 2019. It’s the third, yet-to-be-titled episodic installment in the galactic universe, with J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens poised to act as the flag-bearer on December 18, 2015.