You Can Now Take A College Course On The Marvel Cinematic Universe


The man has a point. He continued:

“Every generation has a modern media mythology that serves as a framework for entertaining as well as educating about ethics, morality, issues of race, gender, class, and so on,” he says. “For the past several years, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have served in that role for tens of millions. When I was younger, it was the first Star Wars series, which I saw in the theater. For me, that saga—along with many other science fiction stories—provided that essential exploration of the hero journey, the struggle of good vs. evil, in a mainstream pop culture context.”

The man also has a second point, that makes for an excellent argument when convincing parents it’s a good idea. There have been a lot of past courses at varying universes worldwide that delve into specific pop. culture phenomenons. This class will no doubt be completely full. After all, how many classes are there that not only involve watching movies – but actively encourage total and utter analytical madness?

Check out more details on the course at the University of Baltimore’s website.