Colossus Will Enjoy A Bigger Role In Deadpool 2; Shatterstar Confirmed


“That’s a big house. It’s funny how I only ever see two of you – almost like the studio couldn’t afford another X-Man.”

Much to the delight of the Merc With a Mouth, Colossus (Stefan Kapičić) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) became the mutant supporting players of 2016’s Deadpool movie.

Turns out they’ll be back for the forthcoming sequel (tentative title: Deadpool 2), too, and Stefan Kapičić recently spoke to Inverse (h/t about Colossus and his expanded role. In fact, the towering Serb even went so far as to say that Colossus is the third most important character of David Leitch’s follow-up, behind Deadpool and Josh Brolin’s Cable.

Colossus is one of the most important characters, besides Deadpool and Cable, and you will see why. Colossus is important for this story. People who love Colossus are going to be crazy. All these new characters, so many surprises in this trailer. This is just the beginning.

Colossus and the Merc enjoyed a warped father-son relationship in the R-rated original, and Kapičić believes Peter Rasputin’s chrome crusader is still the moral anchor that keeps Wade Wilson on the straight and narrow – or, at the very least, he tries to.

That’s the relationship between Deadpool and Colossus. Colossus is trying to make him a better person, to stop being childish. Stop doing crazy things. This scene we see in the trailer, that’s the picture of their relationship… Deadpool is hard to change. Colossus is an old-school superhero. He’s trying to make [Deadpool] a better man, an X-Man. But the thing is, Deadpool is doing his own thing.

And yes, it seems Deadpool 2 really will herald the introduce of Shatterstar, who was glimpsed in last week’s suitably meta trailer. Standing behind Terry Crews (!), you’ll be able to spot the famous X-Man on the loading bay of what looks to be a military jet.

That’s not CGI of Terry Crews, that is Terry Crews. You can see it clearly. You can see behind him, Shatterstar, a really cool thing for people to geek out.

Perhaps his involvement is Fox’s way of setting up the inevitable X-Force movie? We’ll find out more once Deadpool 2 delivers another helping of profanity-filled comic book action on May 18th – six weeks earlier than initially expected.

Source: Inverse