Beautiful New Trailer For Come Morning

Come Morning, the dark drama from filmmaker Derrick Sims, has a beautiful new trailer featuring a lot of rifles, some intensely dark scenes, and a quote from us, here at We Got This Covered.

This new trailer is pretty awesome. It’s quickly paced and does a ton to capture the tension of the film. Land disputes are nothing new to movies, but this film shows just how tense they can be and all the negative things that can stem from them. It’s hard to not be interested in why a little boy is bleeding from the face while holding a rifle, assuming I’m not the only one who thinks something like that is out of the ordinary.

Additionally, we are also quoted in the trailer, which is always exciting. I was able to catch the film at the Oxford Film Festival in February and it was one of my favorite independent films that I’ve seen in a while. For lovers of beautiful cinematography and a well-crafted story that still leaves room for thought, it’s an absolute must-see. You can read all the reasons why I enjoyed it in my review, and if you’re interested in the film, you can check out my interview with Sims as well where we talk about his inspiration, his decision to serve as his own cinematographer, and much more.

Come Morning doesn’t have a date set for any theatrical or DVD release yet, but you can head to its Facebook page or for updates on when you’ll be able to see the film.

What do you think of this trailer for Come Morning? Does this trailer excite you for the film? Check out the trailer below and then share your thoughts in the comments section.