The Internet’s Debating If Doctor Strange Is Better Than The Flash

Doctor Strange

One of the more exciting side effects of self-isolation now that the coronavirus pandemic is sweeping through the world is that people have more time on their hands. As such, they’ve decided to alleviate their quarantine boredom by deciding which character, out of Doctor Strange and the Flash, can score one over the other.

Well, since we’re all here, we may as well settle this once and for all. Although, the fact that these two heroes are vastly different when it comes to their abilities doesn’t really help us narrow it down to a basic standoff of numbers. On one hand, we have the Sorcerer Supreme who is a master of the Mystic Arts and can literally bend reality to his will, and on the other, we have a metahuman Speedster who can run at Mach 2 and even travel back in time via the Speedforce.

Additionally, Doctor Strange has the Eye of Agamotto, which contains the Time Stone, and his Cloak of Levitation can protect him against hostile forces in a variety of ways. Barry Allen, meanwhile, can manipulate his speed and form lightning or a super-sonic punch.

Here’s what some folks on the internet had to say about the matter:

Some of these fans bring up interesting points. In the last two movies of the Infinity Saga, the Avengers tried to do everything in their power to get the gauntlet away from Thanos. Even Infinity War featured a scene where Strange went toe-to-toe with the Mad Titan alone but failed to match his power, whereas Barry could’ve simply snatched the gauntlet with such speed as to make the whole encounter the easy work of two seconds. To counter that argument, one person suggested that manipulating time, as Doctor Strange does, could theoretically allow him to move at a faster speed than everybody else, even Barry, who’s the fastest man alive.

Of course, seeing as how both Doctor Strange 2 and The Flash have halted production amid the COVID-19 outbreak, it’ll be a while before we see them on our screens again, so this online crossover is the only thing that can keep their fans busy for the time being.

What’s your opinion, though? Which of these heroes do you think could win in a fight? Sound off in the comments below.