Common Still Interested In John Stewart Role In Green Lantern Corps


Though Common may have started out in the music biz, the artist has taken some serious steps into acting in recent years and with another great role in John Wick: Chapter 2, which opened last week to solid reviews, he’s becoming more and more of a bankable talent, proving that he can bring the goods on screen and in the recording booth. While we’ve already seen him dabble in comic book movies before, most recently in last year’s Suicide Squad, that hasn’t quelled his desire to dip his toes in the pool again. Although this time around, he’s got his eye on a much bigger role.

If you recall, in 2007, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller tried to make a Justice League movie called Justice League Mortal. It never got off the ground, but Common was attached to star as John Stewart aka Green Lantern. In the years since, the actor’s never stopped expressing his interest in getting another shot at the part and now, as Warner Bros. gears up to push Green Lantern Corps into production, it seems that he’s once again throwing his hat into the ring.

Speaking with Yahoo! Movies, Common first touched on Miller’s failed production, noting the following:

“Yeah, I was cast and we started rehearsals for the film. I went to Australia. I tried on the outfit and everything. It was heartbreaking, but it happened. The script was super-dope. It was intricate. And knowing George Miller was going to do it, you knew it was going to have that raw edge. But it had Superman, Aquaman, it had all of the characters really involved. Each one of them had moments and you got to know them. It was a strong piece.”

When asked if he’d still like to play John Stewart, the actor/rapper said:

“I would love to, I’ll say that. That would be a blessing. That would be incredible to get the opportunity. But that’s up to the studio and DC and those guys to see who they feel is the right person. But it would be an incredible honor and I would be geeked for that character and that role. I would go to the highest with that role.”

Of course, the big hurdle here is that Common already appeared in the DCEU thanks to Suicide Squad. Though with him having such a minor part in that film, it likely wouldn’t cause too much trouble if they cast him in Green Lantern Corps. Besides, it’s something that fans would love to see happen and with the DC Extended Universe not looking too bright right about now (especially with the recent rumors surrounding The Batman), the studio could definitely use a win. And casting Common as John Stewart would give them exactly that.

What do you think, though? Do you want to see the rapper turned actor take on the role in Green Lantern Corps? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts!

Source: Yahoo!