Conan The Barbarian Writer Fires Back At Critics

Conan The Barbarian was a flop, there’s really no other way to put it. Writer Sean Hood’s screenplay has taken quite a beating and the writer wants to make it known that he isn’t taking the criticism lightly.

While we as the audience may laugh at how bad some films are, we often forget that there are many people who worked incredibly hard to bring the film to the big screen. In the case of Conan The Barbarian, Sean Hood was one of those people.

“You make light of it, of course. You joke and shrug,” he wrote on Quora. “But the blow to your ego and reputation can’t be brushed off. Reviewers, even when they were positive, mocked Conan The Barbarian for its lack of story, lack of characterization, and lack of wit.  This doesn’t speak well of the screenwriting – and any filmmaker who tells you s/he “doesn’t read reviews” just doesn’t want to admit how much they sting.”

That’s only an excerpt of Hood’s rant but you should check out the full thing as it’s an interesting read and gives some insight that you’ll likely appreciate.

Whether the film’s issues lie in Hood’s screenplay I can’t comment on as I haven’t seen it. That being said, I do appreciate that no matter how bad a film is, people still worked very hard to bring it to life and that fact can’t be discounted.

Plus, you have to remember, while Hood may be credited with the screenplay, who knows how much of it was his. There were two other writing credits on the film and whether Hood was the main culprit for the film’s supposed crummy script is unknown.

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