Gorgeous Solo: A Star Wars Story Concept Art Shows How The Film Came Together


Granted, we’re not even halfway through the year, but we’ll be hard-pressed to find a more disappointing release than Solo: A Star Wars Story in 2018. The Ron Howard-directed space western made just $84.7 million domestically opening weekend, a total worse than practically every Star Wars film released since the turn of the century, and a figure lower than that of Justice League ($93.8M).

That said, the spinoff wasn’t half bad. Solo sports a 7.2/10 rating on IMDB and a 71% on the Tomatometer; not too shabby for a film that went through as much production trouble as the aforementioned, much-maligned 2017 DC blockbuster. While the Anthology pic probably won’t reach the half-billion mark when all is said and done, let alone turn a profit on its $250 million production budget, Solo is still a satisfying-enough adventure despite a cargo hold load of flaws.

Regardless if you’ve boycotted the feature or opted for a Thursday night preview, there’s no denying the tireless efforts of countless individuals behind the scenes that made the movie a reality. And so, with that in mind, several pieces of concept art from the 256-page accompaniment to the motion picture, entitled The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story, have made their way online for your viewing pleasure.

The book, which is available for purchase now, showcases the “design evolution of each new fantastical set, otherworldly machine, and unforgettable character” through “production paintings, concept art and sketches, storyboards, and matte paintings.” It’s a must have for any fan and provides an interesting look at what went into bringing the spinoff the life.

Circing back to Solo: A Star Wars Story, and although it’ll still prevail at the box office this weekend by $20 million or so over Action Point and Adrift – challengers out of their depth, to begin with – it’ll be fascinating to see how Lucasfilm and Disney adjust their plans for the franchise going forward.

Source: /Film