Concept Art Of The Original Wasp Suit From Ant-Man Revealed

Wasp 1

One of the most pleasant surprises in Marvel’s Ant-Man was the appearance of Janet van Dyne in full costume as The Wasp during a brief flashback sequence depicting her apparent death. While we knew going in that the character wasn’t part of the present day Marvel Cinematic Universe, no one expected to see the fan-favourite hero in action, and her ’60s era costume definitely looked awesome.

Hayley Lovitt played The Wasp in Ant-Man, but we never actually saw her face, possibly because Marvel has plans for the hero further down the line and will cast a bigger name when those come to fruition.


After all, those involved with the movie have pretty much confirmed that there was a hint that Janet is still trapped in the Quantum Realm, and that a future Ant-Man movie is going to deal with Scott and Hope journeying there to rescue Hank’s wife. One popular casting suggestion for Janet is Catherine Zeta-Jones, the real-life wife of Michael Douglas. Unfortunately though, nothing has been made official just yet.

Today, however, Marvel Studios concept artist Andy Park has taken to Twitter to reveal one of his early takes on Janet suited up as The Wasp in Ant-Man. As you can see, it’s a fair bit different to The Wasp costume that Evangeline Lilly’s Hope will be suiting up in at some point in Phase 3, but it’s a pretty perfect adaptation of the founding Avenger’s classic comic book look.

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments section.