The Conjuring 3 Likely To Be Delayed To 2021

Conjuring 2

2020 hasn’t been the greatest year so far, and things don’t seem to be looking to improve any time soon. Of course, the biggest issue remains the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the globe since the beginning of the year. The novel coronavirus has now infected 10.4 million people worldwide and killed at least 510,00 – and those numbers are likely to be even higher due to asymptomatic cases and inadequate testing. The United States remains the epicenter of the virus with 2.7 million cases and 129,000 deaths, yet many states are continuing with the goal of reopening their economy.

Cases are on the rise following many stores and events attracting visitors again, but one major family outing has remained off-limits since earlier this year – movie theaters. Though other countries have seen a few open back up to the public, all movie theaters in the United States have kept their doors tightly shut as the pandemic continues to create safety concerns. AMC Theatres planned to reopen earlier in July, but they’ve now moved the date back to July 30th, and the date could keep being pushed back as cases of the virus climb rapidly during the current surge.

This has obviously resulted in unfortunate delays for some of 2020’s most-anticipated movies like Mulan, Tenet and A Quiet Place II, among many, many others. And now, Deadline reports that sources have told them that The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is the latest film likely to see its release date pushed back due to the virus.

Originally set to land in theaters on September 10th, it’s now expected to come out sometime in 2021 instead. While no statement from Warner Bros. Pictures has been made as of yet, COVID-19 will likely remain as problematic or more-so by September, so it’s probably just a matter of time before we hear about The Conjuring 3‘s delay from an official channel.

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