Who’s Conning Who In First Clip And New TV Spot For David Fincher’s Gone Girl


Why isn’t it October 3rd already? Seriously. You know it’s business when an adverb gets thrown in there.

The anticipation surrounding the so-imminent-I-can-taste-it release of David Fincher’s Gone Girl continues to mount today with the release of a new TV spot and clip from the film. Based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel, the story picks up five years into the marriage of Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike). On the cusp of celebrating their anniversary, Nick arrives home to find his wife missing. He reports her disappearance, but with the evidence mounting around him, is he really so innocent?

Ahead of its worldwide premiere at the New York Film Festival this Friday (September 26th), for its press screenings the movie has already received staggering critical acclaim. But what about those who’re unable to snag a free preview ticket, or attend the NYFF? Fear not, we’ve got all of your Gone Girl desires covered.

The first clip from the movie gives us a brief look at the couple’s first meeting. Thankfully, it’s a spoiler free affair and is available to peruse. It further rouses up a ton of suspicion towards both leads. One of the reasons Affleck was chosen by Fincher is because of his smile, both entitled and humble all at once, and this clip’s gotta have you wondering if he’s already plotting something. Pike is equally as mysterious, as the seemingly-lovely Amy.

Gone Girl hits theatres October 3rd. That’s a week on Friday. Nine days. Only nine days.

Source: The Playlist