Conor McGregor Offers To Host Tom Cruise Vs. Justin Bieber UFC Fight


It seems like plenty of people want to see Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise throw hands. The Internet was abuzz today with the prospect of the two celebrities stepping into the ring against each other. The news became so big that it even caught the attention of someone who knows a thing or two about beatdowns in the octagon. Conor McGregor tweeted Sunday night that his eponymous sports and entertainment company will gladly host the event, if Cruise is “man enough to accept this challenge.”

It seems that all of the world is currently awaiting the response of the Mission Impossible star. Despite more than doubling Bieber in age, it isn’t out of the question that Cruise could hold his own in a fight against him. The 56-year-old actor is notorious for always doing all of his own stunts and is in surprisingly great shape for a man of his age.

Bieber, on the other hand, does have a slight height advantage and youth on his side. The musician has never been known for his fighting skills, but perhaps that’s because he’s been hiding them all of these years in preparation for a brawl against one of Hollywood’s most notable leading men.

Justin Bieber

It’s still unknown why Bieber wants to fight Cruise in the first place. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, there doesn’t seem to be a beef between them. It’s possible the Canadian pop singer is just trying to use the opportunity as a gimmick to get his name in the headlines ahead of the expected release of new music. Still, he seems to be pretty serious about wanting to exchange blows with Jerry Maguire.

Regardless of what one thinks about all this Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise drama, it’s impossible to not be intrigued. Now that McGregor is involved, the tension is ramped up even more. As everyone anxiously awaits Cruise’s response, the collective hope is that he’ll take his challenger up on the offer. What happens after that though will likely be, much like most of this story, completely unpredictable.

Source: Twitter