CONTEST: Win Limitless DVD

Join us for another contest. This time we have 3 copies of Limitless on DVD to giveaway. One of 2011’s best films thus far, Limitless is a thrilling and exciting film that stars Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. I’ve seen it twice and loved it both times. For those looking for something a bit unique and original, check it out as it really is a great film.

Bradley Cooper (The A-Team) and two-time Academy-Award® winner Robert De Niro, star in this provocative and action packed-thriller with unlimited surprising twists. Eddie Morra (Cooper), a burnt-out writer, discovers a top-secret pill that unlocks 100% of his brain’s capacity. He instantly acquires mind-bending talents and mesmerizing visions that bring him big money, beautiful women and limitless success. But his dream life soon becomes a waking nightmare, as the drug’s brutal side effects take their toll and Eddie finds himself entangled with a cunning Wall Street power broker (De Niro) who wants everything Eddie has…and more.

To enter, simply do two things. First, make sure you ‘like’ our page on Facebook. Secondly,  follow us on Twitter and Tweet: RT this and follow @WeGotThisCoverd to win Limitless on DVD, more details

That’s it! On July 19th at 11:59pm EST the winners will be chosen.

Good luck!

Also, be sure to check out the new Limitless Facebook app, details below.

The gripping adrenaline rush of the hit film, LIMITLESS, comes to Facebook with an all-new application that lets members view how their profile would appear after taking a top-secret pill that unlocks total brain capacity.  With a click on the link, the brilliant application collects photos to create a stunning personalized introductory video of an individual’s life in this brave new world.  Riches, success and influential friends are just part of the package on NZT.


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