Cool ‘The Batman’ website lets you recreate the movie’s font

the batman

Great news, Batman fans! If you’ve ever envisioned your own name in a font style that’s similar to The Batman, then you’re in luck. With the marketing campaign in full swing for the anticipated film, this newest feature allows devoted fans to personally connect with Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight portrayal as folks are able to recreate their own names bathed in grand red and black letters.

The most captivating aspect of this Batman-inspired feature is how easy the process actually is. All folks have to do is head to the dedicated website, where the option to spell out your name (or phrase of any kind) is immediately at the ready. The word(s) are then auto-generated into the blocklike letters in an aesthetically-pleasing red and black saturation. Additionally, the Bat Name website presents users with the option of downloading their personalized image to share it with others.

Twitter user @TheBatFilm — who provides updates for The Batman — shared the website to their page to promote the engaging platform.

The upcoming film was motivated to shed new light on the iconic Caped Crusader, with R-Patz’s portrayal seen as a gritty antihero hellbent on taking down those in Gotham’s criminal underworld. As such, this glaring red and black color scheme logo echoes a similar narrative, which allows fans to create their own intimidating logo. Feel free to access the website and create your own personalized logo just before Matt Reeves’ The Batman arrives in theaters this Friday.