Coolio Claims He Was Set To Play Scarecrow In Batman & Robin Sequel


Although the Batman film franchise has brought joy to millions of people since 1943 (oh yes, we’re counting the serials starring Lewis Wilson), it has certainly had its ups and downs. After all, they can’t all be The Dark Knight Trilogy.

No matter which movies are to your liking, most of you will probably agree that Batman & Robin was a failure on pretty much every level (although I do experience much amusement whenever seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s take on Mr. Freeze). What you may or may not know though was that Warner Bros. were confident in the film prior to its release and thought it would be a grand slam with moviegoers, so much that they were ready to move forward with a sequel titled Batman Triumphant or Batman Unchained, depending on whom you ask on what day of the week. But when Batman & Robin bombed, plans for that and a Nightwing spinoff were canned.

Interestingly enough, Coolio, who made a cameo in Joel Schumacher’s second tour of Gotham City, claims there was more in store for him, as he recently told the Burleson Star:

“[Batman & Robin] was the only Batman that didn’t make money. I’m still sore about that a little bit, cause the only reason I did that part is because they promised me the villain part in the following Batman, which they didn’t do, because Joel Schumacher – they fired him.”


I think I can speak for us all when I say, “Huh?” A lot of people were seemingly courted for antagonistic roles in the ill-fated sequel, which I will get into after you read this follow-up quote:

“He was supposed to do the two next ones. He and I didn’t get along that good anyway – I mean he made a terrible Batman movie. But the next villain was supposed to be the Scarecrow. They didn’t do it though. Maybe one day. I’m sure they won’t come calling, though.”

If indeed it was the Scarecrow he was being tapped to play, it should be noted that Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi, Jeff Goldblum and Howard Stern were also up for the role. Furthermore, they would have had to have worked alongside Harley Quinn – rumors placed Madonna in the role – who would have actually been the Joker’s daughter. You know, every time this cancelled project is brought up, we have one more reason to count our blessings that it never came to fruition.

But, all is well that ends well because we eventually got to see Cillian Murphy become the Scarecrow in three consecutive Batman films under the guidance of acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. And I, for one, would count that as a win.