Corona Zombies Sequel Coming In May, This Time With Added Tiger King

Corona Zombies

Full Moon Features’ topical exploitation horror flick Corona Zombies was only released a few days ago, but even with restrictions being enforced around the globe, the low-budget genre specialists have still found a way to knock out a sequel in a matter of weeks. The first movie was hastily cobbled together in an effort to capitalize on the global pandemic that still shows little signs of slowing down anytime soon, and now they’ve decided to cash in on the show that seems to have been dominating the cultural conversation while millions of people have remained stuck indoors.

You can’t go anywhere on the internet these days without seeing something related to Netflix’s Tiger King, the fascinatingly bizarre true story that’s been making headlines and become one of the most-watched series in history in no time at all. Quite how Full Moon managed to shoot an entire movie with virtually every aspect of society slowed to a crawl is anybody’s guess, but you can nonetheless check out the official synopsis for the sequel, Corona Zombies: Barbie and Kendra Save the Tiger King, below.

“It begins after narrowly escaping the contagious catastrophe of the Corona Zombies, ditsy American beauties Barbie and Kendra battle their deadliest foe yet: social distancing boredom. Hooked on binge-watching a television show about a man and his tigers on a nature channel, the two ladies hatch the perfect plan to save the Tiger King himself! From the living rooms of LA to the wilds of Africa, our dynamic duo embark on a curve-flattening journey to free Joe from a fate worse than Carole Baskin! It’s a bungle in the jungle as Barbie and Kendra continue their quest to survive the panic of the pandemic in this, the next Coronasploitation caper from Full Moon!”

Apparently, we live in a world where ‘Coronasploitation’ is a movie genre now, but despite how terrible it will no doubt turn out to be, you have to admire Full Moon’s dedication to continue making no-budget schlock even with vast swathes of the planet still gripped by panic.

Taking what are arguably the two most talked-about things in the world, despite how vastly different they are on the surface, and combining them into the plot of a movie will definitely get people talking, but it would be fair to say that Corona Zombies: Barbie and Kendra Save the Tiger King probably isn’t going to find itself up for any major awards this time next year.