The Counselor Gets A Compelling New Trailer


Ridley Scott’s The Counselor is definitely turning into one of the most anticipated films of the fall, if it wasn’t already. After all, something directed by Ridley Scott off a screenplay from Cormac McCarthy should be enough to get anyone lining up around the block to snag tickets. If you weren’t already thrilled about this movie, 20th Century Fox UK is doing its part to get you there, with a new, completely compelling trailer for the film.

Many times when trailers are released this close together (we just got one on August 7th), there isn’t a lot of new footage to make it worth your time. That is definitely not the case here. In addition to quality new footage involving Michael Fassbender and Javier Bardem, we get a much better look at Cameron Diaz’s antagonistic character. I was initially hesitant about her as that character in this sort of movie, but if what we see in this trailer is any indication, her performance is going to be up to par (if not above and beyond) the rest of the cast. We also get to see more of Brad Pitt playing the rugged, bad-boy character, and the times when he takes on those roles are usually when he’s the most enjoyable to watch.

For those still not familiar with the plot, the film tells the story of a respected lawyer (Fassbender) living in the Southwest who is looking to make a quick buck after proposing to his girlfriend (Penelope Cruz). He ends up getting in contact with a man named Reiner (Bardem) who is able to offer a drug trafficking job. Crossing that line into the criminal world shows the lawyer just how deep a small glimpse into a darker world can pull you.

The Counselor hits theaters October 25th.

Check out the trailer below and then head on down to the comments section to share your thoughts on The Counselor.