Courteney Cox Makes Fun Of Scream 3 Hair With Hilarious Halloween Post

Scream 3

It seems like Courteney Cox received a frightening Halloween visit last night in the form of her old nemesis Ghostface, and the masked fiend committed what may be his worst crime yet – recreating the actress’ infamous bangs from Scream 3. The Friends star’s look in the 1999 horror threequel has lived on for the past two decades, just maybe not for the right reasons, and this October 31st, Cox paid homage to the movie with a hilarious Instagram post.

The actress shared a selfie featuring herself with Gale Weathers’ iconic short bangs, apparently given to her by Ghostface. “NOT THE BANGS!!!!!!!!” she wrote in her caption. Fans are loving Cox’s post, too, with the comments full of famous names reacting to the fun Scream 3 callback. Comedian David Spade replied: “NOOOOOOO!” while Jack Quaid, soon to star opposite Cox in Scream 5, opined: “This is INCREDIBLE.”

Yes, Cox is returning as fearless reporter Gale Weathers for a fifth outing, but no, she won’t be sporting these bangs in the new film. We’ve already got a glimpse of the actress on set which showcased a style more in keeping with her look in Scream 4. Her bright red pantsuit in those photos, though, promises that the character’s fashion sense has stayed just as eye-catching as it’s always been.

Cox will be joined by ex-husband – and onscreen husband – David Arquette as Sheriff Dewey Riley and Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott. It’s unclear if Arquette has started shooting yet, but Campbell has confirmed that she’s due to begin work in North Carolina in a couple of weeks. She held off on agreeing to sign up for the relaunch of Scream for a while there, but was eventually convinced to reprise her iconic role by directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.