Courteney Cox To Direct Hello I Must Be Going


Courteney Cox will be go behind the camera and make her feature directorial debut with the independent drama Hello I Must Be Going. Cox currently stars in the TBS television series Cougar Town and of course, is most recognizable as Monica Geller from Friends.

Hello I Must Be Going stars Seann William Scott, Kate Walsh, Rob Riggle and Kyle Galliner. Cox will be working with a script by David Flebotte, an experienced television director whose resume has highlights such as Boardwalk Empire and Desperate Housewives. She will also be producing with John Suits and Gabriel Cowan, as well as her former husband David Arquette.

Scott will play a severely depressed man returning to his old neighborhood to amend a few wrongs before taking his life. Kate Walsh will portray his sister-in-law. With a considerable amount of  comedic talent, we might be able to look forward to some touches of humor in a movie that seemingly aims to hit a few emotional buttons.  Production is scheduled to commence late June in Los Angeles.

While this will be her first feature length project, Cox has directed in the past. She directed a number of episodes for Cougar Town and the TV movie Talhotblond, which focused on a husband and father who becomes obsessed with virtual gambling.

An important note: Courteney Cox’s Hello I Must Be Going is completely separate from Todd Louiso’s movie of the same name starring Melanie Lynskey that premiered at this year’s Sundance film festival. Perhaps a title change would work in Cox’s favor though.