Blumhouse’s The Craft Has Officially Finished Filming


Certain immutable facts of life will never change (well duh, that’s what immutable means you div). Monkeys on the ground, fishes in the sea, birds in the sky, and Hollywood rebooting every damn movie under the sun. Nature in harmony.

The Craft is a 1996 supernatural horror movie and 20 years later it was announced a sequel was officially in production. That sequel has since morphed into a reboot – as per the marketing. Whatever the suitable denomination is – reboot, sequel, remake, rebooquel – today has brought exciting news for those interested in the new Craft film, as production has officially wrapped.

Speaking to TooFab, producer Jason Blum confirmed as such:

“So I can’t report on anything from The Craft except that it’s done shooting. And I’m supposed to see it in about two or three weeks.”

The Craft

No judgement here. I don’t have anything invested in The Craft, or the new version of it, but I trust this will be exciting for those who do. It looks like a sequel that’s been very long-awaited and while there’s no word yet on a release date, it’s definitely happening. Otherwise all this material is going to be sitting in a can, and unless it’s something shamefully bad, I doubt anyone wants that. Or maybe they do. Sorry, I’m rambling.

In any case, the new film will feature Pacific Rim: Uprising, er, star Cailee Spaeny in a lead role, while Zoe Lister-Jones takes the director’s chair. Everything else appears pretty under wraps, and by under wraps, I mean not immediately available to pull from a Wikipedia article. So you know, it’s pretty under wraps.

If the whole thing is a front for a sinister government ploy to brainwash adults into watching The Emoji Movie, you’ll be the first ones to find out, right here. And they say serious journalism is a dying craft. Now there’s the perfect pun to end on. Crafty. Great craftsmanship. The Craft of a craftsman. Sorry, I’m out.

Source: TooFab