Craig Brewer In Talks For The Idolmaker Remake


MGM’s plan to remake the award-winning 1980 musical drama The Idolmaker has so far had a bumpy ride. Ryan Gosling was originally attached to star, as well as intending to make it his directorial debut, but pulled out due to scheduling issues. Now, as Justin Timberlake closes a deal to produce, director Craig Brewer (Hustle And Flow, Footloose) has reportedly thrown his hat in the ring.

The Idolmaker was originally directed by Taylor Hackford (Ray), written by Edward Di Lorenzo (Miami Vice), and starred Ray Sharkey, Peter Gallagher and Joe Pantoliano. Loosely based on the life of Bob Marcucci – the rock promoter and manager responsible for the careers of artists such as Frankie Avalon and Fabian – the story follows songwriter and manager Vincent Vacari through his obsession with finding ‘the next big thing’. After guiding a local band to success and expanding his client list, his obsession becomes a destructive force for himself and those around him. Actor Ray Sharkey won a Golden Globe for his performance in the lead role.

Brewer is perhaps best known for his musically-themed films and though he generally writes the screenplays for the projects he intends to helm, it is currently unclear whether that will be the case with The Idolmaker. It also remains to be seen whether this project will be a faithful remake, or more of a re-imagining of what is essentially a timeless story.

Regardless of what angle they decide to take, in an age where millions follow the every move of modern-day impresarios such as Simon Cowell, and tune in to over-hyped talent shows like The X Factor, the tale of The Idolmaker could not be more relevant.

Source: Collider