Craig Brewer To Write And Direct Tarzan Trilogy

It’s been previously reported, but now it seems almost official that Tarzan will be swinging his way back to theaters soon and possibly in more than just one film.

According to Deadline, Hustle & Flow writer and director Craig Brewer has signed on with Warner Bros. to bring another Tarzan story to the big screen. Brewer’s new story is set to span into three separate films. He’s aiming to make the first entry his next directing project.

Brewer’s latest film is the remake of Footloose, starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough, due in theaters on October 14.

At the same time, screenwriter Adam Cozad is working on a new script that also tells the story of Tarzan. Cozad is currently working on Archangel, due for release in 2012 according to IMDb with Tron: Legacy’s Joseph Kosinski attached to direct, as well as rebooting the Jack Ryan franchise.

It’s uncertain who will get chosen to revive Tarzan, but Warner Bros. seems determined to have the jungle man tree hopping and rescuing Jane again in the near future.

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