8 Of The Craziest Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Theories


Is Star Wars: The Force Awakens the most anticipated movie of all-time? Its massive pre-sales certainly suggest that’s the case. Already the film is breaking ticket pre-sale records, making over $50 million in advanced bookings before it has even hit cinemas. On the other hand, culturally, the impact of The Force Awakens is totally immeasurable, but the sheer volume of internet chatter alone is a testament to how excited people are for this movie.

Take the many, many deeply knowledgeable fans talking at once about all the possibilities of Episode VII, and combine it with the film’s typically tantalizing J.J. Abrams ad campaign, feeding fans information piecemeal, and what you get is hundreds upon hundreds of unconfirmed theories about the various components that make up The Force Awakens.


Some of these theories have been rumored for a while (farewell, Han?), some are relatively new but still believable (you too, Chewbacca?), and others are more uncertain.

Regardless, there have been some absolutely wild theories regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens that have sprung up in recent months, and here, we explore 8 of the craziest.