‘Creed III’ set photos reveal a shredded Jonathan Majors

jonathan majors loki

Creed III‘s Jonathan Majors is looking particularly shredded in new set photos. The actor is filming the movie alongside fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe alum Michael B. Jordan, and the pics don’t disappoint.

In the photos posted on Twitter, Majors is seen wearing black shorts and black boots, walking around looking extra muscular for the role. In one photo he’s seen speaking with co-star and director Jordan (fully clothed and in a windbreaker outfit). While the actor’s character hasn’t been officially named as of yet, we know he’ll be Adonis Creed’s next in-ring rival.

Majors looks more than formidable enough to go toe-to-toe against the lead star, and Jordan is excited to have him in the movie. He’s also building up his repertoire of action films, too, having starred in in Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods and the star-studded western The Harder They Fall, but in those movies, he didn’t look like this.

Majors will also be a regular presence on our screens as the next major villain in the MCU, Kang the Conqueror. The actor made his first appearance in the season finale of Loki, “For All Time. Always.,” as He Who Remains, a man living at the end of time preserving the Sacred Timeline to prevent the multiverse from bringing chaos to the universe.

Kang will appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and Majors has explained how his character will be different from He Who Remains. It’s also likely that Kang will face off against the next iteration of the Avengers when they come together for the inevitable movie.

Jordan, of course, starred in Black Panther as Killmonger, and he’s considered one the MCU’s best villains for his complexity. His breakout performance in the first Creed spun off from the Rocky franchise, and proved that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Another major change for the boxing franchise is that Sylvester Stallone will not be in it, although neither Sly nor Jordan have explained the in-depth specifics as to why.

Now Jordan is taking the reins of the franchise, and with a growing number of successes to his name, not to mention the extra star power of fellow fast-rising young talent Majors, it’s likely he’ll have another knockout when Creed III comes to theaters on November 23 of this year.