Creepy Concept Art For Morbius Imagines Jared Leto As The Living Vampire


Pending some final negotiations, Jared Leto is on the verge of embracing his darker side for Morbius, the Living Vampire.

It’s the fifth Spider-Man spinoff to be announced by Sony Pictures, and will soon join Venom, Silver & Black, Silk and the embryonic Nightwatch movie within the studio’s Marvel Universe.

Daniel Espinosa of Life fame is attached to direct this one, and we’ve since learned that Morbius, a story which revolves around doomed biochemist Dr. Michael Morbius, won’t affect Leto’s previous engagements to the DC Extended Universe – those Joker projects are as safe as houses, then – and, frankly, it’s shaping up to be a totally different film compared to Sony’s other Spidey spinoffs.

How do we know? Well, for one, Jared Leto has already alluded to 2013 Marvel MAX series The Man Called Morbius from writer Joe Keating, all but confirming the pic’s gothic leanings. Adding to this now is a suitably creepy piece of concept art from BossLogic, which imagines Leto as the Living Vampire.

Sink your teeth into this:

Pretty cool, no? What’s more, providing The Man Called Morbius is used as the film’s foundation, then we can expect Jared Leto to portray a lonely, tragic figure as opposed to the insatiable bloodsucker of previous iterations.

Exactly when Morbius will take flight is yet to be determined, what with Jared Leto still contracted to The Joker, Joker and Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad 2 and, potentially, that Gotham City Sirens spinoff movie that’s coming by way of David Ayer. But rest assured, a Morbius film is on the way, and it’ll be unlike anything we’ve seen before in this Golden Age of comic book movies.

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