First Teaser Image For It: Chapter Two Heralds The Return Of Pennywise

Pennywise IT

Call him the Eater of Worlds or Destroyer of Dreams, but one thing’s for certain: Pennywise will return in 2019. And with it comes a fresh deluge of nightmare fuel that’ll likely leave horror fans (us included!) rooted to the edge of their seats.

We are, of course, referring to It: Chapter Two, the long-anticipated sequel to New Line’s smash hit that’s due to light up theaters in September. It’ll creep up on us before you know it, and with the official teaser trailer locked in for Thursday, May 9th, the Powers That Be have now released a deeply unsettling poster (see below) that heralds the return of Pennywise, Stephen King’s abomination and the physical incarnation of your worst fears.

It’s a simple, stylish primer for Thursday’s big reveal, by which point we should have a better idea of Andy Muschietti’s grand masterplan for Chapter Two.

We know it’ll take place roughly 27 years after its predecessor, when the remnants of the Losers Club head back to Derry in order to kill Pennywise once and for all. Doing so won’t be easy; as It: Chapter One proved time and time again, King’s horror icon is a difficult beast to slay, given its innate ability to morph into different creatures (creepy leper, haunted painting… you name it) at a moment’s notice.

It: Chapter Two slithers into theaters this September, when Pennywise will begin a new reign of terror exactly 27 years after the first. New Line has thrown the gauntlet down by casting a series of huge A-listers (Chastain! McAvoy! More!), so we’re intrigued to find out whether Chapter Two has what it takes to make horror history. $700 million is already an incredible feat, now let’s see if Muschietti and his team can achieve the ultimate double whammy.