A Crime-Fighting Partnership Forms In New Ant-Man And The Wasp TV Spot


The MCU is big on superhero teams, but the franchise hasn’t given us too many dynamic duos over the years. That’ll change with the next Marvel movie, though, when Ant-Man and the Wasp sees Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne finally suit up and fight crime alongside Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang.

Speaking of which, this new promo showcases more of both of the inch-high heroes in action, mostly using footage we’ve already seen, such as a glimpse of Ant-Man involved in a car chase and Wasp beating up thugs in a kitchen. It does give us a little more from The Ghost, though, the mysterious costumed villain played by Hannah John-Kamen who will endeavor to steal Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) tech. It looks like her phasing abilities will come in handy when she’s making a quick getaway and combined with the two heroes’ shrinking/growing powers, it should make for some inventive set pieces.

The Ghost’s true motivations have yet to be divulged, but we’ve got a pretty shrewd idea of what’s going on. It’s likely that she’s being employed by Walton Goggins’ corrupt business rival Sonny Birch, who no doubt wants Pym’s ingenious inventions for his own ends. After all, set photos have shown The Ghost with the shrunken Pym Industries tower building (which the trailer revealed can be converted into a handy travel pack).

To avoid the complicated ending of Avengers: Infinity WarWasp will be set in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War instead, with Scott once again in trouble with the law after joining Cap’s team of fugitive vigilantes. It may also prove important to future movies, though, as it looks like both Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel will feature the Quantum Realm, the microscopic dimension set to play an important role in this film.

Ant-Man and the Wasp hits US theaters on July 6th. If you’re in the UK, you’ll have to wait until August 3rd to see it.