A Criminally Underrated Horror Movie Is Coming To Netflix In July


Netflix has got another big, big batch of fresh content coming to its library next month, with a number of classic and beloved films heading down the pipeline that you’ll want to check out. In particular, horror fans might want to take note of one criminally underrated entry in the genre that’ll be hitting the platform. And if you’ve never seen it, you’d be wise to add it to your watch list as soon as you can.

We’re talking about 2010’s Splice. Mostly forgotten about now and never given enough credit back when it released, this disturbing and creepy little treat from director Vincenzo Natali follows two genetic engineers, Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley), who seek fame and fortune and attempt to obtain both by unethically mixing human DNA into their animal experimentations, with the goal being to create a new species.

Eventually, they create a human-animal hybrid, who they call Dren. And at first, everything’s just fine. But as Dren grows, the movie takes a dark turn with some interesting twists that we dare not spoil here.


A thought-provoking thriller with a smart premise and a couple of great performances, Splice is a total delight for horror fans. And while some may not appreciate the direction in which Natali ultimately takes the story, it’s hard to fault the movie when it gets so much else right.

In the years since its release, it hasn’t maintained much of a presence in horror circles and you don’t really hear it come up in conversation anymore. But a lot of people still really love Splice and if you’ve never seen this underrated flick, be sure to catch it on Netflix next month. You won’t regret it.