Critics Shower Avengers: Infinity War With Praise In New TV Spots


By now, it stands to reason that a fair amount of those reading this have already seen Avengers: Infinity War. After all, there are always dedicated moviegoers who are somehow able to get their hands on tickets to those jam-packed Thursday night showings. As for the rest of you, odds are that you’ll find a way to attend a screening before the weekend is over.

However, if you require more incentive to get yourself to a theater, perhaps some good word of mouth will do. Already, TV spots chock full of positive pulls quotes from critics have begun making their rounds, and several of them can be viewed in the video at the top.

Sure, some may argue that they don’t care about what others have to say, but if that weren’t somewhat true, sites like Rotten Tomatoes wouldn’t get so much traffic, nor would the hallowed Tomatometer be referenced on social media so often. Right?

Either way, the rapport established between Marvel Studios and general audiences is expected to go a long way over the next few days, as early estimates say Infinity War will bring in an impressive $225 million domestic haul this weekend, with a $498 million worldwide total expected. Truth be told, a larger opening wouldn’t surprise me, but it doesn’t hurt to look at the situation from a conservative standpoint for the time being.

Beyond that, we’d say the sky is the limit for what this team-up flick can achieve, but it’d be nice to see it surpass 2012’s The Avengers in order to provide assurance that the superhero genre isn’t going anywhere for the time being. My best guess says it will, but it’s really up to the fans and how they spend their money.

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