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Crossbones Actor Now Says He Won’t Be In Avengers 4

Crossbones actor Frank Grillo has now walked back on his previous comments, saying he won't be showing up in Avengers 4 after all.

If you thought Infinity War was a crowded affair, just wait until we arrive at Avengers 4.

Given that it seems very likely Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will use time travel to journey back to the past and undo Thanos’ devastating actions, we’ve been hearing countless rumors lately pointing to a whole bunch of dead characters that may be showing their face again, including Frank Grillo’s Crossbones.

Yes, late last week, the actor got everyone all excited when he seemingly revealed that he’ll be appearing via flashback. Now, however, he’s walking back on his comments, taking to Instagram to share the following message:

#fakenews. In the course of a day i get asked 1000 questions about a character i played for 8 minutes. I’ve confirmed nothing. But sometimes i have fun w people who ask. #moveon

Having been originally introduced simply as Brock Rumlow, a sleeper agent of Hydra, in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the character ironically saw his screentime reduced when he finally emerged as a full-blown Crossbones two years later in Civil War. And, of course, he met his demise in the opening salvo. As such, fans were happy to hear he’d be returning, but it seems all the excitement was for nothing.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Grillo just got in trouble with Marvel for dropping such a big spoiler and has now had to find a way to do some damage control, but we won’t know for sure until much closer to the time of release. That’ll be on May 3rd, 2019, of course, at which point, Avengers 4 will storm into theaters and show us what the future holds for our heroes, and possibly what the past holds for Crossbones.

Until then, though, tell us, do you think the character will show up in the sequel? Make yourself heard by dropping a comment in the usual place.

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