Curious Fans Are Debating What This New Ant-Man Tweet Means

Image via Marvel

A short-but-sweet Tweet shared from the official Ant-Man Twitter account has fans talking this afternoon. The message was a simple three words with a heart on fire emoji, and fans interpreted it in many ways.

It’s important to note that Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd, was announced as People’s Sexiest Man today, so it seems within reason to assume that the tweet was sharing excitement about that. Paul Rudd is the heart of several memes and conversations on social media about somehow never aging and still looking youthful and handsome no matter how much time has passed.

Fans often grab a snapshot of Rudd from Clueless and stick it next to any photo in the years after, and it’s hard to tell that any time has passed. Rudd still looks just as charming and handsome as he always has.

Some fans are wondering if the tweet could signal something new on the horizon for Ant-Man, and some are taking the Tweet in other ways completely.

Here’s how fans are reacting on Twitter.

Ant-Man says it’s about time.

These users say this MUST be referenced in Ant-Man 3; if not — they’ll riot.

This fan is ready for set pictures.

This is one of our favorite responses to absolutely anything.

This fan says it’s about time to pay attention to how much people miss Scott Lang.

Could it be? Are we all basking in Paul Rudd’s greatness?

This fan isn’t too worried about what it is because they agree no matter what.

What do you think the Ant-Man tweet means? Do you miss Scott Lang too? Let’s talk about it.