Cyborg And The Flash Have A Special Bond In Justice League


Apparently, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Ezra Miller’s Flash have a special connection in Justice League and form a close friendship over the course of the movie. You might wonder what a half-robot dude and a man who can run very, very fast have in common with one another, so here’s Ray Fisher to lay it out:

With Cyborg and The Flash, they do get their powers because of an accident and I think that bonds them in a very specific way, both through the traumas that they’ve had and through the fact that they’re the youngest members of the group.

It’s a good point. After all, the DCEU Batman has been fighting crime for a very long time as of Justice League (plus he’s notoriously grumpy), Wonder Woman is a centuries-old Amazon warrior and, as fun as Aquaman seems in the trailers, relating to an ocean-dwelling barbarian King can’t be that easy.

In addition, the fact that they’re super-powered by accident rather than design marks them apart from their comrades. So no wonder Cyborg and Flash have gravitated to one another, each able to support the other one as they face up to cosmic threats beyond either of their experiences (and maybe an evil Superman if the latest rumors are correct).

Then again, given that Warner Bros. have just announced that post-Justice League they’re planning to de-emphasize the connections between the movies, the pair should make the most of each other’s company while they can, as it looks as if they might not be crossing paths again for a while. It’d be a shame if this were their one and only rodeo, because at least in the promotional events that Fisher and Miller have done together, they really seem like genuine buddies.

We’ll get to see them properly in action together very soon, as Justice League hits cinemas on November 17th.