Ray Fisher Wants To Go Up Against The Phantom Limbs In Warner’s Cyborg Spinoff


Though Man of Steel 2 is said to be spinning its wheels, Warner Bros. is still aggressively pursuing a swathe of new movies involving the five founding members of Justice League: Bruce Wayne (The Batman), Arthur Curry (Aquaman), Diana Prince (Wonder Woman 2), Barry Allen (Flashpoint) and Victor Stone, whose Cyborg is expected to headline his own standalone pic in 2020.

Mind you, Ray Fisher’s biomechanical hero is expected to reappear much, much sooner than 2020 – the actor himself is reportedly in the know when it comes to Victor Stone’s DCEU trajectory – and while there have been some serious question marks looming over Warner’s proposed Cyborg spinoff, Fisher already has a “really special” villain in mind.

Amid Justice League‘s ongoing press tour, the DCEU newcomer sat down with Popcorn Talk (via CBM) to discuss his on-screen crusader, and why he wants to see a more “intimate” story when it comes to the Cyborg standalone movie.

Last we reported, Cyborg was rumored to be one of four DC pics eyeing a release in 2020, where the Victor Stone solo movie would join Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad 2 and, presumably, The Batman, which is now coming by way of Matt Reeves.

Regardless of when it arrives, Fisher wants to see his Justice League member lock horns with the Phantom Limbs, a group of mercenaries armed to the teeth with cybernetically-enhanced weapons. They’re the ying to Cyborg’s yang, essentially.

With this kind of story, I’d love to see it be a little bit more intimate, a little bit more specific to Cyborg. There is a sort of Cyborg special that they had done years ago where he fights a group called Phantom Limbs, which is this mercenary group of cybernetically-enhanced individuals who are very much like him. I think seeing him take on people who have similar abilities but [are] a much more finely-tuned group of warriors – seeing how that all would turn out, I think, would be really special.

Really special, indeed. Soon after Justice League opens this Friday, we’ll surely begin to learn more about Warner’s future plans for Victor Stone, but for the time being, Cyborg is still earmarked for launch in April of 2020.