Dacre Montgomery of Stranger Things’ Look In The New Wolverine

The Wolverine-Hugh-Jackman

For all of the missteps Fox’s X-Men movies made over the years, most fans would agree that they got one thing perfect: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. After the claw-popping mutant’s big sendoff in Logan and Marvel reclaiming the screen rights to the franchise, there’s a vacancy in the MCU’s Wolverine department, but whoever takes on this role is faced with the daunting prospect of following one of the toughest acts in comic book movie history.

If the latest reports are anything to go by, Marvel already has an actor in mind for the new Wolvie, with Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery said to be on the studio’s shortlist. Shorter and less macho than Jackman, Montgomery may not be the obvious choice for Logan, but digital artist Apexform believes he’d be ideal and has now thrown together a concept design to prove it.

In the mock-up, Montgomery can be seen flexing one of Wolvie’s trademark adamantium claws, clad in a fur-lined leather jacket while smoking a cigarette. He’s a far cry from the Jackman version of the character, but maybe that’s exactly what Marvel will go for. No doubt they’re well aware that Jackman’s Logan cannot be topped, so the logical direction to take would be a complete reinvention to keep the direct comparisons at a minimum.

Montgomery is just one of the names being linked with the role of Wolverine, of course, with other potential candidates including Taron Egerton and Travis Fimmel. Marvel will announce the casting only when they’re good and ready, though the fans are just as keen to know how the studio is planning to introduce Logan and his fellow X-Men into the MCU. A series of standalone solo movies for key X-Men characters, including Wolvie, followed by a big team-up event would certainly be a good start. It worked well enough for the Avengers during Phase 1, at least.

In any case, Marvel has already announced its Phase 4 line-up and there are no mutants in sight so far, though don’t be surprised to see a teaser or two foreshadowing their arrival in the near future. The post-credits stringers attached to the next batch of MCU movies will be very interesting indeed.