Daisy Ridley Hints At Rey’s Arc Going Into Star Wars: The Last Jedi


It’s shaping up to be a busy, busy two months for Daisy Ridley.

The British actress, who will soon be named as one of the primary suspects in Fox’s Murder On the Orient Express, has been placed front and center now that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is looming large on the horizon. Indeed, Rian Johnson’s sequel recently enjoyed a big splash thanks to Monday’s grand trailer unveiling, which has since spawned countless debates and far-flung fan theories.

Getting back to Daisy Ridley, though, the actress recently took part in a Vogue cover shoot (via CBM), and it didn’t take long before the conversation veered toward Lucasfilm’s galaxy far, far away. Ridley was naturally coy when pressed on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but the so-hot-right-now actress did touch on Rey, who is said to be the beating heart of the December blockbuster.

Indeed, when Vogue’s feature outlined Rey’s arc in The Last Jedi, the outlet hinted that Star Wars fans will finally gain some insight into Rey’s parentage, along with her “emotional journey” with the great Luke Skywalker.

Daisy lets on that we’ll find out more about what has happened to her family, and says it goes from being a physical journey with a friend (Finn, played by John Boyega) to an emotional journey with a stranger (Luke Skywalker, whom she meets on top of a mountainous island at the end of The Force Awakens). “More of a conversation, as opposed to a big adventure,” she suggests. As for the ongoing appeal of Star Wars, she’s not entirely sure where the magic lies—except, she says, that “it’s essentially a family drama that’s played out in this big, expansive world.

Again, it’s not terribly revealing, nor does it offer up anything that we didn’t already know. Even still, this is a timely reminder that The Last Jedi will delve deep into Rey’s past, her parentage, and likely how she wound up on Jakku in the first place. Plus, there’s also that moral ambiguity to consider, but can we really expect Daisy Ridley’s budding Jedi to succumb to the dark side and, by effect, Supreme Leader Snoke?

Expect those questions to be answered on December 15th, when moviegoers will be flocking to theaters in order to see the porgs Star Wars: The Last Jedi.