Daisy Ridley In Talks To Join Kolma For Bad Robot

Daisy Ridley

Bless J.J. Abrams, for he delivered to us the glorious Daisy Ridley when he cast her as the lead in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With few screen credits to her name, the actress and her co-star John Boyega strolled off into the history books, having successfully rebooted the most legendary film franchise in history. Little wonder then, that Ridley is now reportedly circling another female-led film produced by Abrams and his Bad Robot banner – this one titled Kolma.

The movie is an exciting prospect – not just because Daisy Ridley may star, but also because it will be the second feature length movie from director Marielle Heller, who debuted with The Diary Of A Teenage Girl in 2015. In addition, while Heller is set to work on the script prior to shooting, it is written by Megan Holley, who scripted 2008’s Sunshine Cleaning – which starred Amy Adams, Emily Blunt and Alan Arkin.

Characterized as a fantasy thriller, Kolma has been in development for over ten years. It is based on the 2003 TV movie All I’ve Got, which was written and directed by Keren Margalit, and raises the question of love, life and second chances.

In the original, an elderly grandmother finds herself on a ferry boat after dying, and is faced with a gut-wrenching choice. She herself survived a car accident in her early 20s, which also killed her young boyfriend. That boyfriend has been waiting for her on the ferry boat for fifty years – patiently anticipating their reunion. But, the woman lived a life in the intervening decades – marrying a husband and having three children. She must choose between being young again with her late boyfriend while forgetting her husband and children, or waiting for her husband to arrive on the ferry boat. With whom will she spend eternity?

Kolma promises to deliver that rarest of gems – a female-centred story framed through the feminine gaze, with the backing and resources of a powerful production company. If Daisy Ridley is confirmed for the lead – bringing with her all the goodwill and respect earned through her role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens – this becomes a film to get very excited about.