Daisy Ridley Starring In Sci-Fi Thriller From Babylon A.D. Director

daisy ridley

It hasn’t taken long for Daisy Ridley to make a return to the world of sci-fi after her stint in Star Wars came to an end following The Rise of Skywalker‘s release two years ago, with the actress having signed on to headline futuristic thriller Mind Fall from director Mathieu Kassovitz.

As per Deadline, the script hails from author and screenwriter Graham Moore, who nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for penning Benedict Cumberbatch’s awards season favorite The Imitation Game. The plot takes place in a dystopian near-future London, where the hottest drug on the black market is memories.

They can be removed from a person’s consciousness and transplanted into another, with Ridley playing trafficker Ardis Varnado. After being accused of murdering one of her clients, she decides to try and solve the mystery herself in an effort to clear her name, but her own memory addiction makes it increasingly difficult to separate her own past from those she acquired from others.

That’s certainly a uniquely engaging hook for a high concept sci-fi, in what will mark Kassovitz’s first directorial effort in over ten years. His last Hollywood production was the dismal Vin Diesel effort Babylon A.D., but that hopefully shouldn’t detract from a premise that’s got all the potential in the world to deliver.