Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman And Kevin Costner May Join Magnificent Seven Remake

Thanks to The Sun and Movie Hole, we’ve learned of some intriguing new cast additions to the upcoming Magnificent Seven remake; or re-remake, given that The Magnificent Seven was based on Akira Kurosawa‘s Seven Samurai.

Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Coster have been fielded offers to star in the film, which already has Tom Cruise confirmed.

The Sun States:

“MGM are throwing big money at the film and wanted some top names to fill the main parts. You can’t get much bigger than Cruise and Damon.

Tom will play Yul Brynner’s role as Chris. Morgan Freeman may be villain Calvera, while Kevin Costner could play Britt.

I’m totally sold on the idea of Damon and Freeman, but Costner seems like a peculiar choice to me. That being said, his career is back on track and gaining momentum, especially after signing onto play Jonathan Kent in Man Of Steel.

In fact, he seems to be following Val Kilmer, another lost 90’s male lead who somewhat revitalized his career by starring in the 2005 hit, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. That being said, Kilmer couldn’t keep the steam going and since then, he hasn’t done anything of much significance. Let’s hope Costner doesn’t suffer a similar fate.

Anyways, if MGM can put together a cast with names like Damon, Cruise, Freeman and Costner, I think they’ll have a major hit on their hands, don’t you?