Damon Lindelof Writing An Original Sci-Fi Pic For Disney

Making headlines today is writer Damon Lindelof who has just been hired by Disney to write an original sci-fi pic. The mastermind behind Lost has recently been doing some pretty high profile work, contributing to the scripts for films like Cowboys and Aliens and Ridley Scott‘s upcoming film Prometheus. Deadline tells us that Disney has made a seven figure deal with Lindelof for his script which is currently going under the title 1952.

As expected, no one is able to get any plot details or any further information out of the project but apparently it’s being written with multiple platforms in mind, so it might become more than just a film. Lindelof will be producing from the ground up though and the project is said to be of a pretty large scale.

Currently, Lindelof is working with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, two other high profile screenwriters, on the new Star Trek film for J.J. Abrams. This 1952 project has me intrigued though and I’m very curious to see what it is and where it goes. It will likely be a while before we get more concrete details on it but when we do, we’ll let you know. For seven figures though it must be one hell of a good script.